Friday, May 25, 2012

A few cool gardening ideas....

found recently on the interwebs:

Stones painted to look like strawberries to fool bird and squirrel thieves (step-by-step instructions in the link). These would work best, I would imagine, if you placed them in your beds in early spring, so that hungry thieves tried to peck/nibble them repeatedly before the real McCoys started ripening up.

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 A garden tower with a built in composting tube down the center of the barrel (I *love* the idea of  stuffing scrap greens and kitchen waste down the tube and having it compost and leach its goodies out into the surrounding potting soil over time.) The project is still in development through kickstarter, but it gives me some interesting ideas for a self-watering/self-feeding planting container.
Garden Towers Hilltop Greenhouse

And lastly, I thought this was a useful article on growing potatoes in containers, as it had advice I hadn't seen before about coiling a soaker hose up through the container as you bury the potatoes under, to ensure even watering. I think my previous disappointments with container potatoes may have had to do with not keeping the plant watered at crucial tuber set times.

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